Far away from untidy office desks and overflowing laundry baskets in their own homes, the Storm e-cloth team have been busy scrubbing Brighton’s Spring Street until it sparkled.   The activity was part of a creative stunt with...
Refreshing PR campaign for water brand Nuva
With sugar consumption top of the news agenda and consumers increasingly concerned about the levels of ‘hidden nasties’ in their food, a ground-breaking flavoured water, Nuva, is aiming to revolutionise the soft drinks category....


Storm CEO Derek Lowe looks at managing expectations in the client agency relationship....   It was once said about a big London PR agency, best left nameless, that ‘they promised you God but delivered the vicar’. Now whilst in this case it was common knowledge that this agency was known to make clients salivate in anticipation of PR heaven on earth, the fact is in our world that...
Storm's Harriet Allcock gets under the skin of blogging and offers some advice: If you Google ‘PRs and Bloggers’ then the top result is an article by Cision titled ‘PRs need to change their approach towards bloggers’. Now, there are some that go the other way where PRs are lambasting bloggers. What these articles all have in common however is that they seem to be less...

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